Curriculum Vitae

John Andrew Robinson

Curriculum Vitae (link here)

Lecturer in Economics



Current Position

Lecturer in Economics at James Madison University (2016-Present)


PhD, Economics, George Mason University (2016)

  • Dissertation Title: " Property and Exclusivity: Ownership in the Scottish Enlightenment, Adam Smith, and English Literature" (link)

  • Committee: Daniel Klein (chair), Garett Jones, Eric Claeys

Master of Arts, Economics, George Mason University (2012)

Bachelor of Science, Economics, James Madison University (2009)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

"The Role of Hierarchy in the Production of Salvation Goods," with Zachary Gochenour, The Journal of Private Enterprise (Forthcoming).

"Goldilocks, Aragorn, and the Essence of Property," The Independent Review, 22(3), 2018.

"In-Rem Property in Adam Smith's Lectures on Jurisprudence," Journal of Scottish Philosophy, 15(1) 2017: 75-100. (link)

Book Reviews

Review of "C.S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law by Justin Buckley Dyer and Micah J. Watson," The Independent Review, 2017, 22(1). (link)

Works in Progress

“Virtue Ethics, Property, and the Environment”

“Gershom Carmichael and the In-Rem View of Property”

“The Rational Undermining of Civilization” (with J. Robert Subrick)

“The Impartial Spectator's Embrace of Error”

Additional Publications

Robinson, John & William C. Wood, "From Weakling to Superhero: The Economics of Captain America," in O'Roark, J. Brian (ed.), Superheroes and Economics: The Shadowy World of Capes, Masks and Invisible Hands. Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group, forthcoming.

Roberts, James M. & John Robinson, “Property Rights Can Solve the Resource Curse,” in Terry Miller, Kim R. Holmes, and Edwin J. Feulner, 2013 Index of Economic Freedom: Promoting Economic Opportunity and Prosperity (Washington, DC: The Heritage Foundation and Dow Jones & Company, Inc., 2013), Chapter 5. (link)

Klein, Daniel B. & John Robinson, “Property: A Bundle of Rights? Prologue to the Property Symposium,” Econ Journal Watch 8(3) 2011: 193-204. (link)

“Faerie in J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis: Escape and Recovery,” The Chronicle of the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society, 2008: 4-21. (link)

Courses Taught

  • ECON 200: Introduction to Macroeconomics at James Madison University (many semesters)

  • ECON 300: Special Topics - Economics and Ethics at James Madison University (Fall 2017)

  • ECON 302: History of Economic Thought at James Madison University (Spring 2018, Spring 2017)

  • ECON 201: Introduction to Microeconomics at James Madison University (many semesters)

  • ECON 405: Political Economy at James Madison University (Spring 2019, Fall 2018)

Academic Presentations

The Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference, “The Impartial Spectator’s Embrace of Error.” (April 2018)

Waynesburg University, "Irregularity and Reason In Adam Smith." (September 2017)

The Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference, "The Origins of Adam Smith's Theory of Property." (April 2017)

Ciceronian Society Conference, "The Rational Undermining of Civilization." (March 2017)

Southern Economic Association Conference, "In-Rem Property in Adam Smith's Lectures on Jurispridence." (November 2016)

Other Talks

James Madison University CCM, “Literature as a Source of Wisdom” (September 2018)